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Atlantic Technology 2200C-BLK Speakers (Single, Center Channel, Satin Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Atlantic Technology 2200C-BLK Speakers (Single, Center Channel, Satin Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Two 4.5″ GLH mid range drivers
  • 1″ soft dome tweeter
  • High Frequency & Boundary Compensation Controls
  • Tilting base for precise aiming

Product Description

2200C-BLK center channel speaker

From the Manufacturer

Atlantic Technology Equals High Performance

Designed for smaller spaces such as dens or bedrooms, these speakers are ideal for applications where cost and size are a consideration. The key to the extraordinary sound of these new systems is the advanced design of their drivers. The drivers are the heart of a speaker, much like the engine is the heart of an automobile. Instead of inexpensive paper-cone “fullrange” drivers, the System 2200 utilizes sophisticated mid-woofers and soft dome tweeters that produce exciting, articulate, realistic sound.

Atlantic Technology System 2200e Center Channel Represents the World’s Finest Home in Theater Speaker Systems

Take the 2200eC center channel speaker video tour

What is THX?
THX is a series of standards and technologies originally developed by Lucas Film Ltd. (of Star Wars fame) and now an entity unto itself. These technologies and standards are intended to ensure that what you hear and see on your A/V system, as closely as possible, matches what the director/artist/engineer heard and saw during the final mixing of the source material. THX standards are intended to enhance every type of viewing and listening experience including the latest discrete multi-channel digital formats.

C.O.R.E.™ (Custom Optimized Room Enhanced)
The Atlantic Technology 2200eC features the company’s C.O.R.E. design concept. It’s an embodiment of product development and performance principles with the objective of achieving an optimal combination of aesthetics, performance, and acoustical fine-tuning. The Room Enhanced part of C.O.R.E. is the loudspeaker system’s feature set of equalization options to enable tailoring of the speakers’ in-room frequency response to best match their interaction with their surroundings. For the loudspeakers, there are several specialized passive equalization circuits. The Atlantic Technology 2200eC utilize two 5 1/4″ custom long-throw drivers flanking a custom 1″ soft dome tweeter. We utilize identical driver technology (and in some cases, the identical drivers!) as in our own System 8200, the best that Atlantic has to offer. The result? Atlantic Technology 2200eC shares the sonic signature of its award-winning big brother.

Center Stage
At Atlantic, we realize that 60-70% of the cinema experience is handled by this most important of speakers. The Atlantic Technology 2200eC recreates dialogue and on-screen effects with clarity and impact, just like in the best movie theaters. A rocker base allows for precise aiming at the prime listening position for optimum coverage. The special design of the Atlantic Technology 2200eC ensures wide, uniform horizontal dispersion throughout the listening area. By raising the tweeter above the centerline of the subwoofers, and then bringing the two subwoofers very close together, the Atlantic Technology 2200eC achieves very broad sound coverage without the picket-fence “hot-spot/cold spot” effect that plagues conventional center channel speakers. Taking center stage, the Atlantic Technology 2200eC delivers dialogue, music, and special effects with such accuracy you will hear every nuance no matter what the source. Employing the exact same driver set as Atlantic Technology’s higher-end speakers, sounds move seamlessly across the front channels. Incorporating the trademark Atlantic rotator base combined with compensation controls for any placement and room acoustics, the Atlantic Technology 2200eC provides the ultimate in flexibility and performance for today’s high-end installations.

In addition to the special tweeter and midrange drivers developed exclusively for the THX reference standard 8200, and configured in a midrange-tweeter-midrange (M-T-M) array, the Atlantic Technology 2200eC features the same Room Enhanced filter set which allows the speaker to be tuned to the environment it will be used in. The acoustical controls, and vertical arrangement of the M-T-M array, provide wide left to right coverage of sound while limiting the harmful effects of floor and ceiling reflections that color the sound and degrade vocal intelligibility. To further highlight the attention to detail that went into this system, Atlantic mounted the speaker components in an acoustically inert, heavily braced MDF enclosure, applying extensive magnetic shielding to improve mounting flexibility close to a video display without concern for picture distortion.

The Atlantic Technology 2200eC includes unique acoustic controls that allow the system to be calibrated or tuned, maximizing their performance in the real world environment they are going to be used in. These controls include a special high frequency contour switch which compensates for overly damped (heavily carpeted or upholstered) rooms, or especially bright rooms. And a boundary compensation switch which eliminates the negative effects of mounting a box speaker inside a cabinet, as is so popular these days. Engineered to the highest standards, these audiophile grade equalization circuits are a part of the crossover, meaning they will not degrade the sound of the speaker, but in fact will offer a significant improvement.

The Atlantic Technology 2200e Center Channel Speaker Front Channel Controls

At the movies or a live concert, everyone wants the best seat in the house. It’s the same way in your living room—you want the best possible sound, no matter where the speakers are placed and regardless of the room’s acoustics. Atlantic Technology 2200eC addresses this problem. Utilizing Atlantic’s C.O.R.E. Technology, each speaker comes with two controls that help customize the speaker to your individual room.

  • High Frequency Switch – The speakers have a three position tweeter level switch to compensate for overly reflective or excessively damped room acoustics, so the speakers’ sound is never too dull or too “bright.”
  • Boundary Compensation – Placing a center channel speaker directly on a large-screen TV, or installing a left/ right speaker in a bookshelf unit can cause a major buildup of lower midrange energy from what speaker engineers call “boundary effects.” The result: voices and instruments can sound unnaturally thick and heavy. We developed a circuit that counteracts this problem. Activating the boundary compensation switch will return the lower midrange to its natural, uncolored state.

What Critics Are Saying About Atlantic Technology 2200eC Speakers

“This is the best compact speaker system I have ever listened to.” — Mark Smith, Secrets of Home High Fidelity

Optional Accessories

  • The Atlantic Technology 2200eLR Speakers use identical drivers as higher-end Atlantic Technology speakers, for ideal tonal and dispersion match.
  • The Atlantic Technology 2200eSR Surround Speaker.
  • Recommended subwoofer: The Atlantic Technology 642eSB Subwoofer

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Sealed-box, 2-way D’Appolito array
  • Drivers:
    • Woofer: (2) 4 1/2″ GLH
    • Tweeter: (1) 1″ soft dome
  • Frequency Response: 90Hz – 20kHz ±3dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 8Ù
  • Crossover Frequency: 3.5kHz, 3rd order
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 10 – 140 Watts RMS
  • Magnetic Shielding: Yes
  • Dimensions w/ grilles (W x H x D): 14.6″ x 7.5″ x 7″
  • Weight (ea): 8 lbs

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